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"I am the light."

Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of the crystal quartz family, used for meditation, vision, and dream work. They amplify energy and manifest a high vibration of pure light.

Herkimer Diamonds are naturally occurring and therefore vary in size, clarity, and orientation. Occasionally there are dark markings inside the diamonds called inclusions (which can be bubbles or minerals) which occur as a natural part of the crystal forming process.

If you would like to choose your own Herkimer Diamond, please email alysa@alysarushton.com to set up an appointment. Or, if you would like the Herkimer to choose for you, please simply order online and it will be chosen for you.  

14K Goldfill 18" or 29" adjustable varied link length chain with moonstone bead finish at clasp.

Each of these handmade pieces are one of a kind, handmade in Hawaii.  Before each piece is purchase we swim with it in dolphin filled waters and charge it under the Hawaiian full moon.